Assembly Unico movement

On selected online purchases

The Hublot Complete Service

Your complimentary Hublot complete service.
Complete service
The fusion of conventional mechanisms and unique constructions has led to the creation of our iconic and intricate collection of watches. The Hublot Complete Service ensures our select watches continue to move with precision.

The complimentary service is a one-time service available only on selected watches, purchased online (the “Service”).

The UNICO, EL PRIMERO and MECA-10 watches as well as high complications watches are currently eligible for participation in the Service but Hublot reserves the right to change the eligible movements in its sole discretion or to terminate the offering of the Service at any time for watches sold after such change or termination. Please note purchases of any watch in a Hublot boutique are not eligible for this complimentary offering.

The Service is automatically activated with the warranty activation for an eligible watch.


The Service has an estimated value of up to USD 1055 but has no actual cash value and cannot be redeemed, returned or exchanged.  The Service is valid for a single use at any time during a period of 7 years from the date of warranty activation as shown on Hublot’s records (the “Activation Date”) but can only be used following expiration of the original watch warranty period as applicable to the purchaser.  For example, Hublotista members can use the Service once between the 3rd anniversary of the Activation Date and the 7th anniversary of the Activation Date. For non-Hublotista members, the Service can be used once between the 2nd anniversary of the Activation Date and the 7th anniversary of the Activation Date.


The Service does not include the following:

• Damages resulting from service not performed by a Hublot authorized service center

• Damages to case or movement due to improper handling of the watch or more generally damage resulting from improper or inadequate use of the watch,

• Service on, or change of, bracelets.


How to use the free service:

Drop off your watch at your Hublot Boutique or contact us to use your free service.


The case.
Case finishing tools
First, we carefully disassemble the case to conduct a thorough examination of all parts, refurbishing the bezel, case-back, end pieces, plates or middle case. We will change the non-functioning spare parts.

Next, we polish (to the full extent feasible), microblast or satin-finish all metal according to the original finish and sandblast all matte ceramic parts. Then we replace the gaskets, screws, crown and crown tube before the case is reassembled and fortified for water resistance.
The movement.
The watch’s movement is completely disassembled in order to carefully inspect, clean and lubricate every single part, replacing any elements if necessary.

Once the watch is reassembled, we refit the hands onto the dial, and secure the dial onto the movement, always ensuring maximum precision.
Casing-up and final testing.
Casing up
Once fitted with new hands, the movement is cased up with case-back screwed down. Our final tests are for water resistance, timing controls and power reserve, ensuring unparalleled chronometric precision.

“With such intricate movements and mechanisms, a full service enables your watch to continue operating flawlessly”

Ricardo Guadalupe

CEO Hublot