9 April 2024


Square Bang Unico

Hublot is unveiling two new Square Bang Unico models, combining scratch-resistant Magic Gold with the powerful features of the new icon.


The Square Bang was designed as an everyday piece. This is why it was originally made from titanium. Since then, the piece has found its place, its public, and its fans. And there are many among them that do not want to have to choose between durability and luxury, resilience and the lustre of gold. Two new references of the Square Bang Unico in Magic Gold were, of course, the natural next step. They have been unveiled today at Watches & Wonders.


The piece retains its extraordinary design: a solid square with rounded corners, the bezel punctuated with the 6 signature Big Bang screws. It also has this icon's skeleton dial, lugs on either side of the case, and the integrated "One Click" bracelet which allows it to be changed at will. But its strongest feature remains this bezel.


In watchmaking, the bezel is always approached with great care. It needs to be as slim as possible, so it is not too vulnerable to impacts. For this new Square Bang, the stance is radically the opposite. The bezel is massive and protruding. It powerfully underscores the geometry of the case. It extends generously away from it. It is clearly functional, supporting the six H-shaped screws which attach it securely to the case. And it is as lustrous as it is practical: made from solid Magic Gold, it is the framework within which the Unico, a bicompax manufacture date and chronograph movement, shines.


Its lustre is that of Magic Gold. Developed and patented by the Manufacture, Magic Gold is the first and only 18-karat gold alloy in the world to be completely scratch-resistant, even when leading an extremely active lifestyle. This scratch-resistance is due to its hardness of almost 1000 Vickers, compared to 400 Vickers for standard 18-karat gold and 600 Vickers for hardened steels. Only diamond can boast a greater hardness. This ensures it retains its beauty, lustre and polished finish over time. A genuine revolution in the world of precious metals, and its authenticity is duly certified: Magic Gold is an 18-karat gold verified by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control.


Its reflections highlight the geometry of the Square Bang. The bezel is worked across all three dimensions: in terms of height with the generous thickness of gold; sides which are slightly concave, leading to a domed surface. The edges are soft. The piece, crafted from a solid block of gold, is completely polished. This is a unique feature, exclusive to this Square Bang: normally, bezels are rarely this large and polished, as they would be vulnerable to scratches. But as Magic Gold is scratch-resistant, Hublot has enjoyed free rein when designing this bezel, both in volume and surface finish.

“Twelve years ago, Hublot invented scratch-resistant 18-karat gold and named it Magic Gold. This now needs no introduction. Today, it is part of Hublot's DNA. The Square Bang? Again, the same debate: no-one expected us to attempt this. But, of course, that's exactly what we did. And the Square Bang Magic Gold will now also become a key part of Hublot's history.”

Ricardo Guadalupe