3 December 2021


Hublot loves art Miami group photo


For the first time ever in Hublot Loves Art history, Hublot gathers five of its famed artist Ambassadors alongside friends of the brand and celebrities to mark ten years of its love for Art. While Miami is booming with art and design, The Faena Forum Miami Beach has been turned into a star-studded party and exclusive immersive art exhibition. Limited editions on all levels!

“Hublot has been showing its love of Art for ten years now, and how rich our art collaborations have been! We are thrilled to get the chance to be back in Miami to celebrate this milestone with our artist and ambassador family. With Hublot loves Art and our 5 artist partners, this tenth anniversary is also an expression of gratitude for the work we’ve accomplished together, a tribute to their multiple perspectives on time, with timepieces and creations reflecting how they have fused their creativity with ours through Art.”

Ricardo Guadalupe


Hublot loves art Miami location

‘Hublot Loves Art’ and ‘Hublot Loves Miami’. To celebrate ten years of its love of Art, the Swiss luxury watchmaker brand chose the booming Miami art scene to host a star-studded party and unique immersive art exhibition for VIP guests at The Faena Forum Miami Beach last night. Known as a mainstay of Art Basel and Miami’s party circuit, Hublot has made a return in signature style, by bringing together for the first time some of art and design’s most iconic names: Samuel Ross, Shepard Fairey, Maxime Plescia-Buchi, Marc Ferrero and Richard Orlinski as well as Hublot Design Prize 2021 winner Mohammed Iman Fayaz.

“Being back here in Miami with Hublot has a very special meaning for me, as it is here that we announced our collaboration back in 2017. Being able to fuse my sculptures and my pop take on art with watchmaking timepieces is priceless. Being here together with my fellow Hublot family is a privilege.”

Richard Orlinski

Hublot Art Family Member since 2017

“Seven years of collaboration and it’s still a rich learning and sharing process. Every time go beyond what is expected, by our fans and by ourselves too. Each release proves to be greater than the sum of its parts. That is the magic of true collaboration on a true vision. It feels we’re still only getting started!”

Maxime Plescia-Buchi

Hublot Art Family Member since 2016

The many talents and mediums of Hublot’s artist partners came to life in a sound and light presentation that featured the work of the artists and their respective projects with Hublot. Staged in the amphitheater of the Faena Forum (a design feature in its own right), the circular room was the perfect canvas to bring to life The Art of Fusion, Hublot’s distinctive philosophy. This was also an ideal opportunity to showcase The Art of Fusion in its true embodiments, through the limited-edition timepieces created by the artists: Shepard Fairy (The Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Fairey); Maxime Plescia-Buchi (a full retrospective showing the design evolution of pieces from the Sang Bleu collection); Marc Ferrero (The Big Bang Marc Ferrero One Click); and Richard Orlinski (the full Classic Fusion retrospective including coloured ceramics). Moreover, in a world-exclusive reveal, Samuel Ross – fashion designer, creative director, artist and recent recipient of an Honorary Doctorate degree in Arts – alluded to a 2022 timepiece collaboration with Hublot, currently being designed between Nyon and London in a top-secret process.

“My most recent Hublot collaboration features a mandala, which is a symbol of harmony, unity, and wholeness in many different cultures. Art is about problem solving on many levels: making an appealing visual, working to overcome technical challenges, and conveying a message powerfully. I was very happy that the Hublot team was motivated to help me achieve all of those things the way I envisioned.”

Shepard Fairey

Hublot Art Family Member since 2018

“With Hublot, everything started in 2019 when they rewarded my work with the Hublot Design Prize, leading me to join the brand as an ambassador the year after. It was a real experience to translate and encapsulate 40 years of Hublot history into one minimalistic sculpture, composed of watchmaking essentials embodying materials, innovation and technique. Together with Hublot, we fuse materials that have history with ones that will become the future. I love when my creativity crosses all disciplines and that is exactly what we are building here with Hublot. I’m happy to be part of the Hublot Art Family.”

Samuel Ross

Hublot Art Family Member since 2020

“It’s like fusing different artistic inspirations, different graphic styles (cubism, impressionism, surrealism, figurative) and merging them into a moment in time where they would never have met otherwise. The same goes for the work we do together with Hublot; Being part of this Hublot Art Family is great source of inspiration and pride in itself.”

Marc Ferrero

Hublot Art Family Member since 2019