29 January 2024


Pop colours, an edgy design, outstanding mechanics, a skeleton tourbillon and a five-day power reserve: Hublot’s new collaboration with the artist is all about fusion, without compromise.

Classic fusion Tourbillon Orlinski Yellow Magic & Sky Bue

“I think we’ve gone far beyond the point of fusion with Richard! He’s now part of our family. Since 2017, we’ve been creating models together that are instantly snapped up by art and watch collectors alike. In an era of ephemeral ‘collabs’, every year, Hublot demonstrates our ability to push the boundaries of art and watchmaking, unveiling ever more powerful, unique and distinctive designs. You don’t reach this level of maturity in just three months. We’ve been working closely with Richard for the past eight years. And it’s not over yet!”

Ricardo Guadalupe


From the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski to his sculptures, Orlinski’s pieces never go unnoticed. The watch emerges from a work of art. Or perhaps it’s the other way around? Hublot’s ‘Art of Fusion’ has never been more exquisitely expressed than through the brand’s collaboration with Richard Orlinski. The world’s best-selling French artist and the most innovative watchmaker of the last 20 years were destined for one another.

Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski Yellow Magic Lifestyle
Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski Sky Blue Lifestyle

Vibrant yellow or sky blue: two sides of the same creative coin that together prove you can produce serious pieces for collectors who aren’t. The first is radiantly sunny, with its case, strap, bezel, hands and index all dressed in yellow. Its ‘beating heart’ is still the manually wound HUB6021. This movement is a favourite among brand connoisseurs. Its components, such as the crown and the six H-shaped screws around the bezel, appear suspended in space by black PVD skeleton bridges. Between 8 and 9 o’clock, the power reserve indicates the five-day capacity. At 6 o’clock, the tourbillon keeps the time ticking on. Plus, thanks to sapphire crystal faces on the front and back, the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski always catches the light.


The 45 mm case boasts the bold contours of Richard Orlinski’s signature style. Since 2017, Hublot has been giving the artist free rein to express himself and push the limits of his creativity within the Classic Fusion series. He has sculpted the bezel, redesigned the case and crafted the index. The Classic is no longer classic in name only: Orlinski has transported it into a new graphic dimension.


“By giving me carte blanche, Hublot has enabled me to explore new creative frontiers”, explains Richard Orlinski. “I’ve had the freedom to be able to take the Classic Fusion to the limits of its potential. Smooth yet dynamic, like the edges of its ceramic case, it embodies a kind of animality, the ‘Born Wild’ spirit that is a constant theme running through my work. I first imagined this design in 2004. That was 20 years ago. Today, I’m very proud to be showing the world, together with Hublot, that we’re still far from finished.”


With this second version, Hublot and Richard Orlinski are taking another gamble. Bright yellow gives way to sky blue. The bridges are covered in silver rhodium plating, revealing the polished, satin-brushed and embossed finishes of each component. Contrast is blurred and replaced by a chromatic harmony. Opposite the scorching, sunny yellow model, the second Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski plays the ‘clear sky’ card. One perfectly balances the other. This is the ‘Art of Fusion’. Although very different, they are inextricably connected. The first offers an azure sky into which the second sets as a brilliant sun. Celestial or solar, the choice is yours. But there will only be 30 pieces produced of each model!


You’re sure to have come across his faceted, pop-coloured bestiary somewhere. From huge Wild Kongs on La Croisette in Cannes, to crocodiles in the sunshine of the Miami Design District, to 5-metre-high bears on the snowy slopes of Courchevel, it’s virtually impossible to miss Richard Orlinski’s unique creations. In 2006, Richard Orlinski finally decided to devote himself entirely to art. Steeped in the world of pop culture, the artist has created a colourful world inspired by all kinds of wild animals and iconic objects that have influenced their generation.


Driven by the desire to make art accessible to everyone, Richard Orlinski is a passionate creator who has overcome many obstacles by constantly reinventing himself. His commitment to bringing art to the people is also reflected in his determination to spark emotion among people of all ages. A far cry from the diktats of the contemporary art world, the artist’s pieces speak for themselves!


A lover of art in all its guises, Orlinski challenges conventional perceptions and breaks down barriers between different forms of artistic expression. Driven by his global and universal vision, he delights in exploring a variety of creative genres, including sculpture, design, music and live performance. His work can be found in over 90 galleries in France and abroad, and, since 2015, Richard Orlinski has been the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world (Source: Artprice).

Richard Orlinski
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